1973 Mini Innocenti 1300 Export

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Re: 1973 Mini Innocenti 1300 Export

Post by Minidave » Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:42 pm

Since my last update I've finished rebuilding the engine and transmission, got the new seat covers and door cards from Newton Commercial and had them installed although the interior is not yet in the car. I also ordered a new wiring harness as after repairing a number of poorly done and bodged wires, I found broken insulation and burned wires under the sheathing.

So, still to do:

1) Install the wiring harness
2) Reinstall the dash
3) Put the engine/trans in the car and hook everything up again
4) Install the interior
5) Finish fettling everything, then take it for it's maiden drive.
6) Fix all the problems that then show up!

Nothing much! :mrgreen:

Today I fired the engine up for the first time, video here on YouTube

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