Acid damaged glass?

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Acid damaged glass?

Postby Zack » Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:51 pm

Was cleaning my car the other day and found what looked like rock impacts on the windshield, side glass, and sunroof. Called my insurance company. They sent an adjuster out and he said it almost looks like acid or something impacted the glass and melted it.

It didn't touch the body work which is another part that is strange. Unsure what really caused it. Inside the windows the spots look black like paint but I don't think black automotive paint would do that and the only time the paint has been worked on was when Baron Collision Center repaired the passenger door. All in all, it'll cost over $4,000 to replace the damaged glass surfaces. USAA didn't factor in the 1 time use trim around most of these windows but I'm sure Baron will let them know.

If you're curious what they look like, I will be at the Mini's at the Market. You can take a look at it.
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