The Club's Tools - Updated 7/2018

Take a look at what's in the club's toolbox...
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The Club's Tools - Updated 7/2018

Postby Minidave » Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:10 pm

Moderator Edit 12/11/17: If you borrow a tool or a manual from the club, you are responsible for repair or replacement cost if it is returned damaged or not returned. If you damage, lose or fail to return any of the club's items, you will pay for a replacement. Thank you for helping keep the collection in a condition all club members can use.

Ok, the club is now the proud owner of the following tools to loan......

1.) Supercharger belt tensioner tool -

2.) E12 Torx socket - used to remove the lower bolt on 04-06 and 05-08 convert. right side motor mounts.

(Thanks to Davester)

3.) Bentley Manuals for 1st and 2nd Gen cars and Classics

4.) Pressurized Brake Bleeder

(Thanks to Hagar)

5.) Supercharger pulley puller

6.) Haynes Manuals for all 1st and 2nd Gen MINIs (X2)

7.) Engine hoist
(Thanks to MiniX4 John, stored by Brian St John)

8.) Classic Mini Flywheel puller
(Thanks to MiniX4 John)

In addition, I have the following tools which I will lend to Club members....

9.) Rear brake pad piston tool set

10.) 36mm Socket for oil filter - 1st Gen cars

11. ) 27mm Socket for oil filter - 2nd Gen cars

12.) Ball joint tool (for removing all types of ball joints without destroying the rubber seals)

13.) Code Reader

14.) Lifter Uppers - should be used with 4 of the same jackstands

15.) Official MINI Spark Plug socket for R56 and newer cars.

16.) 7/8" X 14 threading die - used on Classic Mini axles to rethread damaged axle ends
Thanks to Dimini

17.) Cable operated hose clamp pliers

Contact me if you need to borrow something....... Cell 913-948-3652 Home 913-648-6339
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