If you ever find yourself stuck in southern IA off I35

Post your favorite places to motor. Routes with lots of hills and turns are welcome.
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If you ever find yourself stuck in southern IA off I35

Postby Spart » Sat Jun 12, 2010 5:00 pm

If you ever find yourself stuck in the southern part of Decatur Co, IA

J66 to Pleasanton is filled with brilliant banked alternating left and rights that don't have a speed advisory (there is no posted speed limit, in fact.) They're all about the same speed, I take them at about 90-95 (not advocating this, just what the Meanie can do on them.) You almost always have a clear view of the entire curve so it's pretty safe.

Towards the end of J66 is Nine Eagles state park, which is nice to drive around as well. The road going down to the lake is pretty excellent. There is also an interesting-looking domed CoC church on the side of J66 opposite the park.

R46 from the Pleasanton area to Leon is full of left and right turns with 25mph and 35mph speed advisories. Don't recall if there is a posted speed limit or not. Some of the turns are pretty blind, so be sure of yourself braking in a corner (lift-off oversteer? Why yes, yes indeed!)

Highway 69 from Leon to Lamoni has a few good corners, and some straights. Lots of deer between Leon and Davis City though...

All of these roads are smooth as you could want with little or no potholes...don't let the Google Street View fool you, Highway 69 between Lamoni and Leon has been completely resurfaced in the last year.

Stay on your toes and watch out for Amish buggies and farm machinery. :D

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