Short trips next time your are in Branson

Post your favorite places to motor. Routes with lots of hills and turns are welcome.
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Short trips next time your are in Branson

Post by ToddH » Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:35 pm

US-160 from Branson, MO to Theodosia, MO.

Route #1

Ok I'm dating myself; but here we go. In the late 80's Car and Driver (I beleive) labeled it #7 in America for enthusist thrill rides. I have driven the trip 3 times - twice in a Hurst/Old (Cutlass - with outstanding handling for a 3800# Sedan) and once in a Beretta Indy Pace Car - each time the trip was not only exhilerating but challenged the vechile and driver. Note: My wife has done the trip in the '02 Monte SS.

Basically it is a trip through the southern Ozark Mountains (really big hills) and the roadway snakes along the tops and crowns of these ridge lines. It is approxiametely 45 miles of connected tight curves with 100's of evelation changes. I don't recall a single straight away much longer than 40 - 50 yards and in most cases the was setting up for a tight series of S's with multiple evelation changes. So be prepared for some aggressive passing as you are sure to run across a Sunday driver or two (but to me that only adds to the fun).

I can best describe the trip as the old "Scrambler" roller-coaster that used to be at Worlds of Fun if you remember it. Also note: the last individual to report to me on the route said that it was now very popular with the Sport-bike crowd - so might be wise to look twice..and look twice again.

Route #2
US-65 South out of Branson
Branson, MO to Harrison, AR

Early March of last year my family took a trip to put up our current pet - which directed us to Harrison, AR. Leaving out of Branson on US-65 the first 15-20 miles was pretty much like US-65 going into Branson, but about 3-5 miles north of the Arkansas border it all changed and become more typical of southern Missouri highways - twisty..

The trip take your through the central Arkansas mountains (really bigger hills) and accross the ridge lines of these also. Note: Don't get off the road and there are no shoulders and it's a long way to the bottom.

There are several dozen 40 -100 miles routes out of Branson that can really be enjoyed with the right car, driver and passenger. Best to pay attention to the event in Branson and Eureka Springs before planning a date. Shy away from those dates with bike rallys or other tourist type events that get those sight-seers in the way.


Re: Short trips next time your are in Branson

Post by LiLReD1 » Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:26 pm

Mid/southern MO really does have some great, twisty back roads. Shy of the dragon, but plenty closer, and ya still get the thrill!

Thanks for sharing!

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