Including a photo in a post

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Including a photo in a post

Post by ragtopday Johnna » Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:07 pm

Courtesy of Minidave, here's a tutorial on include an image in a post:

To copy a pic from another website, do this....

Navigate to the pic you want to copy, right click on the pic, click "Properties".

When the dialog box opens, copy the URL address - be sure to get the whole long string of characters.

Go to the Mini club page where you want to post the pic, and click on "IMG"

This will appear in the reply box..... {img}{/img} .......except the brackets won't be these curly ones, just regular squared off ones

Paste the URL info between the middle will look something like (bracket)img(bracket)http://www.whateverthepicis(bracket)/img(bracket)

That's all you have to do!

In essence what you've done is told the Mini web page to go to the other web page for the address of the picture, and insert it there.

You can make it more permanent by uploading it to this website's server and storing it there. To do that....

Navigate to the pic, and right click on it.....

Click on "save picture as", when the dialog box opens, give it a name and... location where you can find it again on your computer. I called mine "Mini T-Shirt.jpg" and saved it in "My pics"

Next go to the Mini club page, just below the reply box you'll see a tab marked "Upload attachment", click on that and a small dialog box will open that says "Filemane". Click the browse button and navigate to where you stored the pic on your computer, click on the pic, then click "Open", then click "Add the file"

Click submit and it will show up in your post, as it does here."
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